Here’s how SBI Tutorials started.

Back in 2014 most of us used State Bank of India bank services to carry out our all banking needs; it was our primary bank.

Being a Public Sector undertaking and being one of the biggest banks, SBI provided many services in its portfolio.

Those were the days when Internet flourished in India.

Net Banking started to become a trend, and people had started to carry out more and more transactions online.

However, it seemed a great population of people who were customers or not, weren’t able to take full advantages of services offered by SBI or any other bank.

Then knew about the service that was being offered, but it was hard to implement in our daily lives, due to the complexity and nonavailability of tutorials or guides for a common man to understand.

Hence, we created SBI tutorials; while it’s not affiliated with State Bank in any way, we started this community or a project to provide guides, tutorials, and tips to people regarding services provided by SBI.

Frequently asked questions or the FAQ:

1. Do we charge anything to provide assistance?

– Nopes. Just follow us on Our Social Channels, and that’s enough.

However, for dedicated or any quick assistance, we do charge some amount; However, that depends on the nature of the assistance.

2. How updated are we with the content or information provided?

– Most of the times we share the knowledge or information through our self-experiences. However, we keep following updates from SBI in their official channels like Website and other sources.

3. How can you contact us?

– Through Website Contact Form, Email or Facebook Page.

4. How do we maintain this site?

– By running advertisements.

5. Is SBI Tutorials is a company?

– Nopes ! It’s just a site, a project for providing tutorials and guides.