How to Apply for a new Savings Bank Account Online (Part 1)

How to Apply for a new Savings Bank Account Online (Part 1)

State Bank of India is a major Bank of India and it is offering the best banking services to its customers throughout the country and even abroad. It has thousands of Branches In India and about 180 overseas branches in 34 countries. State Bank of India has provided a method to open a bank account online.

This tutorial teaches you, How to Apply for a new Savings Bank Account Online through Online SBI Website, which is the Internet Banking Portal for State Bank Of India.

If you want to see the process in a tutorial video, you can refer this video present on our YouTube Channel.

Watch this tutorial video (Part 1) to understand how to apply for a Savings Bank account online. Through OnlineSBI, you can also apply for a joint Savings Bank account, for

Through OnlineSBI, you can also apply for a joint Savings Bank account, for a maximum of two account holders.


Procedure: Steps For Opening an Account

  1. Visit the SBI Official website i.e.,
  2. Select “Online SB Account Application” option to open the SBI New Account “For Resident Individuals” and also “for NRE and NRO”.
  3. After Selecting “for Resident Individuals” option you can find onscreen “START NOW” option at the bottom of the page. After you can click on “Fill new Customer Information Form” then you can locate the application some fields are Mandatory, and Some are optional.
  4. You can Find “Customer information Section” and “Account Information Section” on top of the application.
  5. In the Second Line “Personal Details”, “Additional Details” and “Identification”. (Note: – Never Press F5 while applying online or Don’t Refresh the Web page while using online).
  6. Sole / First Applicant information. In a case of Illiterate customers left thumb impression to be affixed and verified.

Personal Details

  • Customer Type: Select the option, i.e., you will be “Public / Staff / Senior Citizen / Minor”.
  • Name: In the first Column select “Mr / Mrs / Ms / Others”. Next Enter the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of the Applicant.
  • Enter the Name of Father / Guardian. Enter the Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Mothers Maiden name, Select Marital Status of the applicant, UID and UID of Father / Mother is if the applicant is minor (UID is Optional).

Correspondence Address (Current Residential / Office)

  • Enter the Applicant’s Door No / Flat No of Building / Society, Street / Road Name / Block.
  • Enter the Land Mark / Street, Select the District, State / UT, Pin Code and Select the City.
  • Enter your Telephone No with STD Code, Mobile Number and also re-enter the Mobile Number.

Permanent Address:

  • Enter the Same as Correspondence Address. Here Select the “Yes” option to continue.
  • Here you can find the Email Address to open the online SBI Account which is recommended.
  • Finally, Enter the image numbers or letters as shown on the screen bottom. Then press the proceed button.
  • Here you can find your TCRN Number (Ex: AB12345678)

Additional Details Wherever Applicable:

  • Select Your “Religion, Educational Qualification, Category, Occupation, Enter your Organization and Designation” of the applicant.
  • Next, Select Your Respective “Income Per Annually”, Assets (Approximate Value).
  • If you have a Vehicle (Select it is a Car / two wheeler / other).
  • Select the Life Insurance Value and Life Insurance, Existing loans, House, Mutual Funds and Credit Card.
  • Finally “Provide your IT Pan” or “Fill form 60 below”. Enter Your IT pan number or form 60 / 61. Click on Save and proceed to next step of online application.
  • After Select your ID Type (Passport / Ration Card / Voter ID etc). Enter your ID Number, Issue at which city or town or village and issue date. After clicking on Save and Proceed Button.
  • After Saving Bank Account with/without Cheque Book. Here enter your TCRN for Sole.
  • Enter Your SBI Branch Code, which you want to SBI New Account Opening. Click on “Get Branch Name” option.
  • You can See the Branch Name on your Screen. It will be correct then proceed to the next step.
  • Account Name as you want it to appear on passbook or account statement.
  • Here Enter the “Type of Account” here. Here select the check box for the required services you want “Domestic ATM CUM Debit Card”.
  • After you can select if you want Mobile Banking, SMS Alerts on Mobile Number and E-Statement by Email then select those options and last box you can enter your email address.
  • Mode of Operation for Single Account self only. If the applicant is more than one either or survivor jointly others. Then Select Proceed Button.
  • Finally, you can find your “TARN” here. Click on Save and Proceed button. After the computer will display your TCRN and TARN. Number note down it. That’s all.

Important Note: Finally You have to get the Print Out / Download in PDF Format you need to log in with TARN of the First Applicant and Date of Birth in the next column and enter the image as shown it is. Press on Proceed button and submit the same to SBI branch which you want to open the Account.

Read the second part of this tutorial: Click here!

Thanks for reading this article, hope you found it useful if you have any doubts or questions, you may ask us in the comments below.

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