SBI Gold International Debit Card

SBI Gold International Debit Card is a premium debit card but doesn’t have the same attractive benefits and offers that other premium cards from private banks have. But then you do have to pay a higher annual fee if you have premium cards from private banks (for example ICICI Bank Coral International Debit card has an annual fee of Rs.499) whereas the annual charge for SBI Gold International card is just Rs.150. 

SBI Gold International debit card is one of those basic no frills card which you would want to have when on an international trip. It can come very handy in case your credit card is not accepted. You can use it to purchase goods at merchant establishments, for making an online payment and withdrawing cash in India as well as across the globe.

Benefits of SBI Gold International Debit Card
Cash Withdrawal & Transaction Limits
Why should you go for SBI Gold International Debit Card?
Other Alternative Debit Cards

Benefits of SBI Gold International Debit Card

By using your SBI Gold International Debit card to shop, dine out, purchase fuel, travel or spend online, you earn 1 State Bank Rewardz* point for every Rs.200.

*FreedomRewardz – It is the Enterprise-wide Loyalty program for state bank customer which rewards them with loyalty points which can then be redeemed for various options like movies tickets, recharges, air tickets, apparel, electronics, home appliances, SBI gift card and more.

You can earn Extra Reward Points for your transactions at Max Get More network partner brands.

Bonus Points

Use your debit card within a month of issuance of the card, and you will earn 50 bonus Reward points. Use it for the second time to purchase within the first month from the date of issuance, and you will earn additional 50 Reward points. And if you also use it for your third transaction within the same month, you will earn additional 100 points. So, in effect, you can earn 200 Reward points as a welcome bonus.

Also, if you do three transactions every quarter in a calendar year, the Rewardz points you earn (i.e., 1 points/Rs.200) in that quarter will be doubled. For example, if you have spent Rs.4000 in three transactions in a quarter then instead of 20 points you will be credited with 40 points.

Offers at Merchant Establishments & Online stores

SBI offers discounts and cashback on their debit cards which keep changing from time to time. To know about the latest offers, discounts, and cashback, you can visit here. Even though these aren’t much but since nowadays we make almost all our purchases using the plastic money it is better than having nothing.

Complimentary Insurance

This card comes with complimentary accidental insurance (accidental death only) of Rs.2 lacs. The card also carries a purchase protection for theft/burglary upto 90 days from the date of purchase upto Rs.5,000 in respect of items purchased by using State Bank Debit Card only at PoS/Online.

Cash Withdrawal & Transaction Limits

Particulars Domestic International
Daily Cash Limit at ATMs Minimum Rs.100 Varies from ATM to ATM
Maximum Rs.50,000 Varies from country to country, subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 50,000
Daily Point of Sales/Online Transaction Limit Minimum No Limit No such limit but depends on local regulations
Maximum Rs.2,00,000 Varies from country to country, subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs.2,00,000


Particulars Amount (in rupees)
Issuance charges Nil
Annual Maintenance charges Rs.150+taxes
Card Replacement charges Rs.200+taxes
Foreign Transaction fee 3% of transaction amount


Well, you don’t really have any added benefits on this card besides as an alternative option for payment but then what can you expect for just Rs.150/year (annual fee).

Also, the daily cash limit within India as well as abroad is same at Rs.50,000. However, it would have better if the daily cash limit was a little bit higher for international withdrawal. The same goes for your transactions at merchants establishments or online purchases.

Why should you go for SBI Gold International Debit Card?

You pay less (annual fee) therefore you get less (privileges). It’s as simple as that. SBI cards are some of the basic cards which aren’t very high on features, but because of the wide acceptability of the card both within India and abroad, they still have a certain appeal.

So, if you want a card which won’t be a burden on your pocket and at the same time will be a secure and trustworthy option for your transactions, then SBI Gold International card can be a safe bet.