State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card

Review Summary

State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card is a basic level combo card with low joining and annual fees. This card is issued only for State Bank Customers in Mumbai only exclusively for travel in Mumbai metro trains. This debit card not only helps you for your metro travel but also provide you rewards for every spend you make in the multiples of Rs.200. Moreover, with bonus rewards and welcome points, you must use this card regularly for earning rewards and redeem them for gifts.

Annual fees: Rs.150

Reward earn rate: 0.5% to 1%

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Pros and Cons
Features and Details
Benefits of State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card
Daily Card Usage Limits
Fees and Charges
Reasons to Signup for this debit card
Credit Card Variant-Mumbai Metro SBI Credit Card
Similar Debit Cards
Final Word

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Welcome Benefits Low Usage Limits
Rewards for every spend No Auto Topup
Preload Balance No Fuel surcharge waiver
Low Joining and Annual Fees Rewards not attractive
Bonus Benefits No Dining benefits
SMS Alerts

Features and Details

Joining Fee Rs.100
Annual Fee Rs.150
Preloaded balance Rs.50
Rewards 1 Freedom reward for every Rs.200 spent on all spents
Bonus Rewards Double rewards for atleast 3 transactions in a quarter
Welcome Benefits in First Month up to 200 Freedom rewardz
Daily Cash Limit at ATMs Rs.40,000
Daily purchase limits Rs.75,000
Other benefits Mumbai Metro usage
SMS Alerts

Benefits of State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card

Welcome Benefits

There are welcome benefits for first three transactions in the first month of issuance. You must use the debit card for any transaction other than at ATMs for atleast 3 times. For the first purchase, you get a welcome freedom rewardz of 50 reward points. And if you make the second purchase in the first month then you get additional 50 freedom points. Furthermore, for the third transaction in the first month, you get 100 reward points. This earns you a total 200 reward points for just 3 transactions in the first month.

Preload balance

The best part of this combo card is you get a preloaded balance of Rs.50 on your Mumbai Metro Smart Card account of this combo card. By just paying Rs.100, you get Rs. 50 balance which makes the net joining fee as low as Rs.50.


By using your State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card to shop, dine out, purchase fuel, travel or spend online, you will earn 1 Freedom Rewardz point for every Rs.200. These Freedom Rewardz Points earned can be accumulated and redeemed for exciting gifts available at FreedomRewardz website. The earned Freedom Points need to redeemed within 3 years (36 months excluding the month of earning) of receiving them. The unredeemed Freedom Points will automatically lapse at the end of 3 years.

Bonus Benefits

In addition to the welcome benefits, you also get bonus rewards for your spends on the State Bank Mumbai Metro Debit Card. If you just make atleast 3 transactions every quarter, the reward points earned in that quarter will be doubled. These double points will be added at the end of each quarter depending on your usage of the combo card.

Low Joining and Annual Fees

The State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card can be purchased at a very low fee of Rs.100. Also, the annual maintenance charges on this debit card are only Rs.150 which is very low.

SMS Alert for Better Tracking

You also get instant SMS alerts for all cash withdrawals at ATMs, retail merchant transactions, Online transactions made using your State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card.

Daily Card Usage Limits

Parameter Domestic International
Daily Cash Limit at ATMs Minimum Rs. 100/- Varies from ATM to ATM
Maximum Rs. 40,000/- Varies from country to country, a maximum of USD equivalent to INR 40,000/- per day.
Daily Point of Sales/Online Transaction Limit Minimum No such limit No such limit but subject to local regulations.
Maximum Rs. 75,000/- Varies from country to country, a maximum USD equivalent to Rs. 75,000/- per day
Card to Card transfer (within State Bank)- Only Domestic Rs.15,000/- per transaction maximum three transactions per day.


No Auto recharge facility

The State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Smart Card does not have inbuilt auto recharge facility. While other metro combo cards have this facility once a threshold is reached, but this card does not have this feature.

Low Usage Limits

The usage limits of the State Bank Mumbai Metro Smart Card are also very low. You can withdraw only Rs.40,000 and spend only Rs. 75,000 using this Debit Card

No Dining benefits

There are no dining benefits and discounts on your State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card.

No Fuel surcharge waiver

Also, you don’t have a waiver of the surcharge of fuel purchases made using this State Bank Mumbai Metro card. Not to blame this debit card in particular, but most of the SBI debit cards do not have this feature. The main reason is private banks like HDFC, ICICI, etc. manage most of the POS terminals. So, there are additional charges for usage of cards at all fuel stations and all terminals

Low reward earn rate

The rewards earning rate is also very low. You earn 0.5% for your spends which is very negligible. While other metro debit cards provide higher rewards with higher annual fees.

Fees and Charges

Debit Card Issuance Charges: Rs.100

Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs.150(Recovered at the beginning of the second year onwards)

Debit Card Replacement Charges: Rs.204

Duplicate PIN/ Regeneration of PIN: Rs.51

ATM/Point of Sale (PoS) Transaction Decline Due to Insufficient Balance: Rs.17

Domestic Transaction Charges

ATM Transactions

Transactions at State Bank Group ATMs:  All Free

Other Bank ATMs(for savings account): 5 Free per month

Other Bank ATMs – Beyond 5 transactions(in Savings account) and other than savings account:

Financial Transaction: Rs.17 & Non-Financial Transaction: Rs.6

Point of Sale (PoS)/ eCommerce Transactions

There are no additional charges applicable for making payments through State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card except for the use at fuel stations in India and other online transactions. The following charges for fuel purchases are applicable:

SBI’s PoS terminals:

Transactions up to Rs.2000: 0.75% of transaction value or minimum Rs. 10.
Transactions Above Rs.2000: 1% of transaction value

Other Banks’ PoS terminals:  2.5% of transaction value or minimum Rs. 10

International Transaction Charges

Balance enquiry at ATMs: Rs.17

ATM Cash withdrawal transactions: Rs.169

Point of Sale(PoS)/ eCommerce transactions: Nil

Currency Conversion Markup charges: 3%


Any State Bank of India Account holder in Mumbai branches can avail this Mumbai Metro Card. However, this card is applicable for travel in Mumbai metros only so you can apply for this card at State Bank Branches in Mumbai and also at Mumbai metro stations.

Reasons to Signup for this debit card

  1. Preload Balance
  2. Single Card for shopping and Mumbai Metro
  3. Low annual fees
  4. First-month rewards
  5. Rewards for every spend
  6. Bonus Rewards

Credit Card Variant

Category SBI Mumbai Metro Credit Card SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card
Joining Fee Rs.499 Rs.100
Annual Fee Rs.499 Rs.150
Annual Fee Waiver Spend Rs.1,00,000 in a year Not Available
Preload balance Rs.50 Rs.50
Auto-topup Recharge of Rs.200 if balance goes below Rs.50 No automatic facility- Manual Debit from account
Rewards 10 Reward Points per Rs 100 spent on Grocery and Departmental stores.
1 Reward Point per Rs 100 spent on other categories.
1 Reward point per Rs.200 spent on all categories.
Welcome benefits 2000 reward points on spends of Rs 2000 within first 60 days, upto 200 reward points for first 3 transactions in first month
Metro Offers Earn 10X Reward Points and get upto 20% discount on Mumbai Metro travel
10 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on Auto recharge
Fuel Surcharge Waiver Waived off for Rs.500 to Rs.3,000- maximum Rs.100 savings in a month Chargeable

Similar Debit Cards

The State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card is a low fee combo card for metro travel in Mumbai. However, there are similar combo debit cards from ICICI Bank that can be used at Mumbai metro stations. In this section, a comparison is given for State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card against Mumbai Metro combo cards of ICICI Bank. There are two variants of these cards.

Final Word

This metro debit card review might have helped you in understanding the benefits and drawbacks of State Bank Mumbai metro combo card. This card has very low annual fees, excellent welcome and bonus benefits and rewards for every spend you make. As a State Bank account holder in Mumbai, you must try this card for your metro travel if you are a low-income level customer. If you need more benefits, then you can check other Mumbai Metro Debit cards of ICICI Bank as mentioned above.