Eligibility Criteria and Benefits linked with various Customer Categories

Eligibility Criteria and Benefits linked with various Customer Categories

S.No Key Feature Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
1 Eligibility Criteria
  AQB* SB* <Rs. 25,000 ≥Rs. 25,000 to < Rs. 1 lakh ≥Rs.1 lakh to < Rs. 2 lakh ≥Rs. 2 lakh
TRV* <Rs 5 lakh ≥Rs.5 lakh to < Rs. 20 lakh ≥Rs. 20 lakh to < Rs. 30 lakh ≥Rs 30 lakh
  Limit Housing Loan <Rs. 25 lakh ≥Rs.25 lakh to < Rs. 50 lakh ≥Rs.50 lakh to < Rs.  1 cr ≥Rs 1 cr
2 Debit Card related benefits
a) Type of debit card Classic Gold Platinum Platinum
b) Reward points/Rs. 200 spent (min. 3 transactions per quarter) 2x 2x 3x 3x
c) Withdrawal Limit of debit card @ POS Rs 50,000, @ ATM Rs. 40,000 @ POS Rs. 2 L @ ATM Rs. 50,000 @ POS Rs. 2 L, @ ATM Rs. 1 L @ POS Rs. 2 L, @ ATM Rs. 1 L
3 Lockers (Annual Charges) Standard Standard 15% Lower 25% Lower
4 In Branch Transactions through SBI NoQueue App # Regular queue Regular queue Priority Service Priority Service
5 Various Service Charges like:

a. Issue of multicity cheque books

b. Duplicate passbook

c. Duplicate statement

d. Issue of IOI (DD/Bankers cheque)

e. Cheque returned charges etc.

Standard Standard 25% fee waiver 50% fee waiver

*AQB: Average Quarterly Balance, SB: Savings Bank Balance, TRV: Total Relationship Value

# At selected branches


• Once you consent your willingness to be part of Customer Categorisation, you will always be part of one or the other customer category depending upon your relationship value to be assessed on a half yearly basis.

• You will be automatically upgraded / downgraded to other categories in case your relationship value with the Bank increases / decreases. It will be assessed on a yearly basis. You will earn benefits based on your eligible category during any period. You will be communicated through SMS/e-mail in their registered number/mail ID when they are upgraded or downgraded.

• In case of downgrade, benefits will be withdrawn or reduced depending upon category of segment to which downgraded and one cannot claim benefits being offered earlier as their right.