How Change Mobile Number Online without visiting Branch with SBI

Situations occur when there might be a need to Change of mobile number that’s linked to your State Bank of India Account. Here we’re mainly talking about Savings Account for a single person, however, the procedure will mostly be same as for a commercial account or multi depositor accounts, through Internet Banking facility offered by SBI.

This article guides you, on How to Change Mobile Number Online without visiting Branch with SBI Internet Banking.

Now, you don’t need to visit Branch for changing mobile number linked to your Bank account. It can be done online using ATM cum Debit card details, OTP or through Contact Center. It is easy and convenient. To know how to change mobile number using ATM card details, you can read the simple procedure in this article or watch this video at the end of the article.

Usually, there are many ways to change your Mobile Number without visiting a branch:

  • One being is via net banking.
  • Another one is through a nearby ATM

In this article, we will tell you about the procedure utilizing, which is the internet banking portal offered by State Bank of India to its customers.

Procedure To Change Mobile Number Online:

This procedure can be used by internet banking users of State Bank of India, if an SBI user doesn’t have Online or Internet Banking facility in his account, he/she can activate it by visiting the branch or by the online method.

For Users with internet banking, you can follow this procedure below.

  • Login to – is the internet banking portal for State Bank of India users.
  • Go to the ‘Profile’ tab
  • Click on ‘Personal Details’ link
  • Enter your profile password
  • Display Name, Email ID and mobile number registered in INB will be displayed
  • Click on the hyperlink ‘Change Mobile Number-Domestic only
  • A new screen ‘Personal Details-Mobile Number Update’ with three tabs ‘Create Request’, ‘Cancel Request’ and ‘Status’ will appear
  • Input your ‘New Mobile Number’
  • Re-input your ‘New mobile number’ in the second box.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button
  • A pop-up message ‘Verify and confirm your mobile number xxx xxx xxx’ will appear on the screen.
  • Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.
  • A new screen with following three different modes for approval of the change of mobile number will be displayed;
    A.) By OTP on both the Mobile Number

    B.) IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM
    C.) Approval through Contact Centre

    By OTP on both the mobile number:- If you possess both the old and new mobile number, then the mobile number change can be approved online using OTP

  • Click the radio button against the option ‘By OTP on both the Mobile Number’
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ button
  • Select the account by clicking the radio button, for which you possess the debit card
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ button
  • In the next screen, the ATM cards associated with the selected account will be displayed
  • Select the ATM card and click on ‘Proceed’ button
  • In the next screen, State Bank of India’s Payment Gateway will be displayed
  • Enter the card details (card number, valid thru/Expiry Date, Cardholder’s Name, PIN and the characters visible in the box)
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button
  • Verify the information and Click on ‘Pay’ button
  • On successful validation, INB system will send OTP along with reference number on your old as well as new mobile number
  • You need to send SMS from BOTH (old and new) mobile numbers in following format ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value> <13 digit reference number> to 567676 within 4 hrs. e.g. ACTIVATE 12345678 UM12051500123
  • Upon successful validation of the OTP value and reference number, the new mobile number inputted by you will be copied in INB, CBS, and ATM. A successful message in this regard will also be displayed to the customer on his mobile number.

Video Tutorial To Change Your Mobile Number Linked to Your SBI Account without
visiting a bank branch.

That’s It!

Thanks for reading this article and visiting SBI Tutorials. We hope we provided useful information to you. If you have any questions or face any problems regarding Changing your Mobile Number, just ask us in the comments below.

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105 thoughts on “How Change Mobile Number Online without visiting Branch with SBI”

  1. Hi

    I tried to change mobile number using all three options, but i got the error

    The card details provided by you could not be validated. There could be one of the following reason of unsuccessful validation :

    ATM card is not active.
    One or more card details provided by you are incorrect.
    Account mapped to your card is not the same account which was selected while raising request for mobile number change.
    Kindly try again with correct ATM card details.

    NOTE: Recently i have lost my ATM card, so SBI reissued a new ATM card. Will
    this be any reason for the error? Pls clarify my doubts asap.

  2. hello,
    i am changing my mobile number through net banking but when i make payment i got this error
    “The card details provided by you could not be validated. There could be one of the following reason of unsuccessful validation :

    ATM card is not active.
    One or more card details provided by you are incorrect.
    Account mapped to your card is not the same account which was selected while raising request for mobile number change.

    can you please tell me the solution. i have fill all correct information but igot same error everytime

    • Hi, Jitendra. The possibilities are:
      1. Your card is expired or blocked.
      2. You have given incorrect card details.
      3. You might have already changed the number.
      4. Changing of the number in a pending state.
      5. Error in the system.

      The possible solution is to approach the bank and convey them this error with screenshots.

      Other than it, try to give exact and correct details while in the process of changing your number.

      • hello ashis,

        Thanks for reply. i entered detail carefully and my card is not expire. card validity is 2049. and i have check status also there is no ant pending status.

        • What type of card do you have ? Well if internet banking is not working for you, you can also change your mobile number through an sbi atm. That’s also a fast way to do so. We insist on changing your mobile number through atm for now. That might help you to get bypassed with any system error that you are facing through net banking.

          • Yes sure ! Visit your nearest SBI ATM:
            1. Insert your SBI ATM Card
            2. Enter your pin
            3. Choose other services
            4. Select Mobile Number Registration
            5. Select Change Mobile Number,
            6. Enter Your new mobile number, confirm it.
            7. You’ll receive OTP on your new number, enter it on the ATM. Then Confirm again. That’s it, you are all done.
            Lastly, you will receive a confirmation MSG on your phone.
            Please note that this process could variate a little depending on the ATM and its menu’s. Generally, this is the process though.

            Hope it helps you. 🙂

          • i am still unable change mobile number. i have follow all step but end of step i got “you request can not ne proceed”. i have mastro card. please help me i can not go home branch because i am out of state.

          • I understand, there might be some problem with your linked account and mobile number. However, this was only the alternative method if you aren’t able to change it online. I advise you to try this in only an SBI ATM and proceed with care by putting the right information. Otherwise, you will have to visit your home branch manually.

  3. Hi sir,i lost my phone n i don’t have my old mobile number with me. How can i change myy mobile number without using my iild number?

  4. I have lost my old number. I want to change my number. Without visiting the branch. Can u please tell me what is the process ..

    • Hello, Akash ! You see, you can’t change your number online if you lost your old number. However, you can change your number through ATM. Hence you won’t need to go to the bank. Other than it, if you aren’t able to do that, then the only method is to visit the bank. Hope I answered your query. Regards.

    • Yes, changing your number doesn’t effect internet banking ! However for making transactions and receiving otp you will need to have access to your mobile number.

  5. Hi Ashish,

    I tried the above procedure and sent the SMS from both mobile numbers to 567676. I received reply like ‘Your request for mobile number could not be processed. Please try after some time’. Status of my request is currently pending. Now do I need to wait or how to proceed further.

  6. I have not yet internet banking and also previous mobile number is not now at me. how to change my mobile number with out old mobile number?

  7. i am using two different numbers in net banking and in debit card, but i want to make the net banking number for both, so if i go to change number in the profile section then it says the old and new number can’t be same, so how can i change the atm number???

  8. I have 2 sbi accounts with 1 mobile no, both of the 2 accounts are not registered. But when I am trying to register 1 acc through sms it says that entered keyword is invalid. Pls help me.

  9. I completed the whole process but after entering debit card details and clicking on submit it is saying that details are not correct but I had filled correct details but every time it is showing same message.

  10. how to change registered contact no. in bank, without visiting branch, while i don’t have e-banking profile and number closed which is i registered with my account ?

  11. Sir i have lost my old mobile number and i have not activeted online can i change my registered mobile number

  12. How to change my register mobile no through atm or netbanking without going for home branch. Is there any possibilities to change my register mobile no. Now i don’t have register mobile no with me.

    • We request you not to share your personal details online publicly.
      You can change your mobile number by following the steps above.
      There are two ways you can so do without visiting bank physically, one is net banking and the other is through ATM.

  13. Hi Ashish..I followed above tutorial but i didn’t received OTP along with reference number on old mobile. However i got it on new mobile. Please help me.

    • Hi Chaitannya, I see you are too facing this issue. Well, for this you can easily change your mobile number through a nearby ATM Machine. That’s the fastest and more simple way to change your mobile number without visiting your branch. Any SBI ATM will help you to do this.

  14. I dont have my old mobile number while the debit card transaction otp are sent on the same.How can I change that to my current number?

  15. I changed my mobile number through ATM.. And on the next day I received a call by introducing himself as a sbi something from somewhere in India and he asked for my reference number that I received with OTP. As I’m not willing to transfer my details he said the date I try to change my number. Then I gave my details (even account number too). After that call I received a msg that says registration of my mobile number is completed. Is it a fraud call or….?

    • Apologies for the delay. Giving account number is okay. Congrats you have successfully change and activated your mobile number.

      Happy to let you know that it’s not a fraud and just the basic procedure.

  16. i need to update my phone number in my account without visiting bank i had internet banking also previously bt i forgot username and password also .so how to update internet banking aswell as my phone number

    • Hi Tarun, First about your Phone Number, You can change your number from a nearby ATM.

      Secondly, you can visit Onlinesbi and recover your username and password once you have changed your mobile number.


  17. I don’t remember my INB details and my registred no. Is lost, my new no. Is registered in bank account but it is not registered in INB. How can I register it in INB without visiting bank?

    • Hi there!

      Change your number from an SBI ATM.

      As you said, you don’t remember your INB Details, Means you already have INB right? If that’s the scenario, once you’ve changed your number; you can recover your INB Details from Online SBI.

      If you don’t already have INB enabled in your account, you can just enable your INB facility for your account via Online SBI and your ATM Card.


  18. I am tried with through OTP, message come both mobile number also send to 567676 replay come “Dear customer Otp for change of mobile number process received” same tie am check the request status is “pending” after onday iam check its :”Expired”

  19. my sim has been lost which i am using for net banking, i could’t take duplicate sim also, any other option to change no with out visiting branch

  20. Hi ashish i have change my mobile number number through IRATA my status is still pending hiw time it will take to update.

  21. Hi Ashish, can u please tell me how to change old mobile number to new number through ATM for my SBI account but I have lost my old registered number so Is that possible to change in atm without the old number?

  22. Hello sir,
    I have SBI account of j&k state and currently in Delhi , I tried changing mobile no. Through OTP on both phones twice and it got failed , although I recieved msg confirming of received OTP from both ,still request got failure as status , plz help.

  23. what if i lost my old number? how can i possible to register new number ,as mensioned above we need to be enter both old and new (otp received through mobile)otp

  24. Dear all, greeting
    Mine is a very unique case. Hope, will get some relief from the bloggers here.

    FYI, i am currently living in a far away state from my home branch.

    Its start with last week, that i came to know about the necessity of new chip based atm card renewal through online news. Then gradually i came to know that my internet banking account of my saving account , which i’m using since last 8 years was not mapped to avail many online services related to the earlier atm renewal procedures.

    here comes in short , ,my main issue, which itself shocks the customer care guy n today , to a bank manager , when all the available method we tried, but in vein.

    In my internet banking , online account, i just recently came to know that in this single profile , there it’s showing 2 different mobile no. registered due to which i can’t resolve my mapping/access level modification etc. issues.

    Under the My profile link, if I am visiting the ” Profile ” section, there it’s showing my updated current valid no, which i have updated on my last visit to home branch , 1-2 years back. Since then, upon any atm related activities, i was receiving instant messages, hence like any common man, i thought my no was okay and active.

    But, if i am going to the next link ” Personal details/Mobile no.” under the same ‘ My Profile ‘ section, then , surprisingly its still showing my initial Mobile no, which was invalid n unused since last 5/6 years.

    I came to know about these diff. mobile no conflicts, when while trying to follow the methods to solve the earlier mapping related issues itself. When upon submitting my updated current no, i didn’t receive any otp for long again n again.

    Hope, someone will enlighten on my issue n will give some solid response to resolve it. Needless to point once again, i couldn’t visit my home branch in far away state right now , hence will expect a miracle here.

    Apology for being lengthy here. 😛

    Have a nice time ahead.


  25. I lost my sbi bank registered mobile number and my atm card is not active without registered number how I can do my atm active

  26. Hi, I lost my number attached to SBI account and my debit card got expired. Can I still change the mobile number through the above mentioned method?

    • No, you cant; for changing the mobile number you need to have either a phone number to receive an OTP or your debit card to change your number. Kindly get your sim reissued; that will be the fastest method or else get your mobile number changed by visiting your branch.

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