How to Check Submission Status of Form 15G or 15H

Checking Submission Status of Form 15G or 15H

This tutorial teaches you, How to Check Submission Status of Form 15G or 15H.

Use OnlineSBI to check the submission status of Form 15G or 15H on all accounts under a CIF number to ensure that TDS is not deducted on those accounts.



To be updated as several changes have been made in onlinesbi portal.

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10 thoughts on “How to Check Submission Status of Form 15G or 15H”

  1. Despite submission of Form H timely, tds deducted and bank says it can’t help, claim refund from ITO. Bank site does not given tds status with message ‘record not found’ and 26AS form does not reflect tds done on 31 March. Online generation of Form H: there is no tab on the online site of the bank after login to personal banking, there is no reflection of Form H submitted. Who should be responsible for undue tds and harassment of the customer for year after year.

    • What exactly happened when filing or submission of Form H ? Did your internet connection got disconnected or something like that ?

      • Nothing of the sort: Submission was in person (online then not available (April 2016), tab yet not available: two hard copies, recorded by bank and reflected online as submitted, tds at the time of closure of account 31 Mar 2017 by the system, tds statement reflected submission Y, tds exemption N. Form H submitted this year yet not reflected even when system generated receipt is given this time!

        • I see, request you to reach the official support via email, if this is related to any system error, they can help via email.

          [email protected]

          Please do mention the exact details and process that you went through. Hope that helps.

  2. I would like to submit form 15H online. This is my first time so If there is any inadvertent mistake occurs, can I rectify it personally going to bank? The total interest showing on the form is calculated by system and valid? Please let me know. Thanks

  3. I can see that earlier my online status of 15h was not submitted and after submitting it shows NA what does NA mean?

    • Has this been fixed or did you come to a solution? Lately, the online portal had many troubles and it seems the site is taken down for maintenance quite frequently.


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