How to Deposit Cash Using Cash Deposit Machine

The Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a self-service terminal that lets you make deposits and payment transactions by cash. All successful transactions are immediately credited and customers will be issued an advice slip confirming the transaction.

Depositing Cash Through Cash Depositing Machine is a service provided by State Bank of India to deposit cash through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). Go through this article to know how to use this service. Cash deposits can be made using your ATM cum Debit cards, SME Insta-deposit cards, Green remit or Express remit cards.

How does it work?

The Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a self-service terminal that lets you make deposits and payment transactions by cash. All successful transactions are immediately credited and customers will be issued an advice slip confirming the transaction.

Conventionally, depositing cash into your bank account can be a tedious affair as it has to be done within the banking hours and you have to fill up a deposit slip and stand in a queue. To make the cash deposit process more flexible and convenient, banks have introduced Cash Deposit Machines and are expanding their availability across different locations to encourage electronic cash deposit without the assistance of banking personnel.

Why use a Cash Deposit Machine?

With close to 13,000 billion rupees in notes issued in FY 2013-14, RBI’s recent data highlights the fact that 90% of monetary transactions still take place in cash. With the high amount of cash transactions, the need for an efficient mode to deposit cash is more than ever before. To facilitate easier deposit of cash, banks allow you to deposit cash through Cash Deposit Machines.

A Cash Deposit Machine is capable of accepting more cash deposit transaction in comparison to an over-the-counter cash depository service. For example, banks usually stop their business transactions by 4 PM. However, people might need to deposit cash during different times of the day and that is exactly what a Cash Deposit Machine is designed for.

And with your money getting credited into the desired account in real time, Banks are pushing to increase the availability of CDMs for customers’ convenience.

How does the Cash Deposit Machine help you?

  • Your money gets instantly credited into your account
  • You do not need to fill up any cash deposit slip or wait in long queues to deposit cash
  • You receive an immediate receipt
  • No need to sort and arrange your cash according to denominations
  • Facilities such as balance enquiry and mini statements are also available on a Cash Deposit Machine
  • You can deposit cash round the clock and throughout the year. A Cash Deposit Machine is enabled to function 24X7, even on holidays. Thus, you don’t need to wait for the bank to open to deposit money


To deposit cash into your own account you need to have your bank’s Debit Card or account number at hand.

  • If you have a card, insert your card. Else choose the “‘Cash deposit without card’ option to enter your account number into the Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Enter your secret PIN for validation. (Not applicable for cash deposit without card option.) If you are using “Cash deposit without card” option, enter your account number and confirm.
  • Select your account type and proceed with placing the money into the deposits slot and click ‘Continue’.
  • The Cash Deposit Machine will now sort the cash and show the exact denomination-wise amount being deposited.
  • If the status shown is correct, then click ‘Deposit’ and the machine will automatically deposit the amount.
  • An acknowledgment receipt will instantly be generated.
  • Collect the slip and exit the session.

In case you would like to deposit an amount into a different account then you must know the correct account number.

  • Choose the option ‘Cash deposit without card’ and proceed with entering the respective account number.
  • The machine automatically detects the account holder and displays the same.
  • If correct, then Click ‘Enter’ and place the cash in the deposit slot.
  • Proceed by clicking ‘Continue’.
  • The machine will now sort the cash and display the denomination of the amount to be deposited.
  • If correct then click ‘Deposit’ and machine deposits the money into the account and instantly generates a receipt.
  • Accept the receipt and exit the session.

The Bank will be levying the following service charges on cash deposits through CDMs/State Bank Cash Points from 1st October 2015:

P-segment Debit Card (Card Linked Account) – NIL
Debit Card (Third Party Account) – Rs. 22/-+ST
Cardless Transaction – Rs. 22/-+ST
SME Insta Deposit Card/Business Debit Card – Rs. 22/-+ST

With 24×7 availability and instant credit into your account, Cash Deposit Machines are becoming more popular. Banks are in the process of expanding the number of available Cash Deposit Machines. You can locate the nearest Cash Deposit Machine by visiting your bank’s website.

A CDM also gives advantages like time-saving and flexibility to deposit cash after the bank’s working hours, on Sundays or public holidays. Hence depositing cash through a Cash Deposit Machine is definitely a more convenient way of depositing money.

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16 thoughts on “How to Deposit Cash Using Cash Deposit Machine”

  1. Can any sbi customer use cash deposit machine service without any charge?
    What do you mean by third party account charges in cash deposit machine service?

    • Hello Jagadeesh, yes any sbi customer can use cash deposit machine without any charge.

      The third party account charges mean the charge levied when depositing cash other than your own bank account.

      For example: If you are depositing the cash in your friend’s bank account.

  2. Sir ,I have deposited the cash in SBI through ATM machine , the account holders said that ,the money is not there in their can I confirm that if it happed what can i do to bring back money,piz say sir

    • It’s a possibility that you have entered the wrong account number, and the money has been credited to the wrong account.

      Contact the branch of which that specific ATM comes under the jurisdiction of and ask them to help you out.

  3. Hello Sir,

    Good evening!

    If I will be asked to enter mobile number while depositing cash, shall i enter my mobile number or beneficiary mobile number?

    • Recently the limits have been revised and we don’t have the accurate information, however 40k INR is the assumed limit.
      For careless it might be 20k.

      Again this might differ based on what kind of account you have.

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