How to Create a SBI Virtual Credit Card


This tutorial will teach you, How to Create a SBI Virtual Credit Card using Online SBI Website.

Use SBI Internet Banking to set up a Virtual Card for all transactions where you use your VISA Debit card. The State Bank Virtual card offers added security when shopping online.

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Before continuing with the process, make sure you have following things ready with you.

• You have to enable online banking facilities



• Login to your Online Banking Account

• Choose the  option called ecards in the account

• Then you enter your Virtual card amount

• After that you Process the Process

• You will get a OTP, enter the password in order to generate your virtual card

• After entering the password you have generated your virtual card using SBI .


The virtual card has expiry date, so you don’t have to worry about the money you have assigned to the virtual card. Money won’t be deducted from the main account until and unless you use the card. The card has expiry of 48 hours and the card is valid for only one transactions.

That’s it !!

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