How to Delete Beneficiary Account in SBI Net Banking

How to Delete a Beneficiary through Net Banking.

This tutorial will guide you, How to delete a Beneficiary.

Manage the beneficiaries you have added to your account. Watch our tutorial video on how to modify and delete your beneficiaries using SBI Internet Banking.

When we want to transfer money through RTGS/ NEFT or IMPS through Online SBI we add the Beneficiary Account Details and then only we are able to make transfer after stipulated period of time on activation of beneficiary. So today in this post we will explain how you can delete Beneficiary Account in SBI Net Banking which you don’t need any more.

Usually, beneficiary are categorized into two groups Intra-Bank Beneficiary and Inter-Bank Beneficiary, In Intra-Bank Beneficiary you will find list of beneficiaries which you have added which holds accounts in State Bank of India, and in Inter-Bank Beneficiary you will get list of beneficiaries which you have added which holds accounts in other banks. So Below is the step by step process on How to Delete Beneficiary Account in SBI Net Banking.

Step by Step Process on How to Delete Beneficiary Account in SBI Net Banking

  • Just login into your Online SBI Net Banking Account and go to Profile.
  • Under Profile click on Manage Beneficiary, next you will be prompted to enter Profile Password.
  • Just enter your Profile Password and click on submit button.
  • If you want to delete beneficiary which hold account in SBI then click on Intra-Bank Beneficiary and if you want to delete beneficiary which holds account in other banks then click on Inter-Bank Beneficiary.
  • Next you will get navigated to Manage Intra-Bank Beneficiary or Manage Inter Bank Beneficiary, under that just click on delete tab.
  • Under delete tab you will get to see all added Intra-Bank Beneficiary or Inter Bank Beneficiary, just select the Beneficiary which you want to deleted and click on Go button or show details.
  • On clicking go button or show details you will be asked to verify details of Intra-Bank Beneficiary or Inter-Bank Beneficiary, just verify if it is the same one which you want to delete and click on delete button.
  • Again a prompt will appear asking do you want to delete this record, to proceed just click on OK.
  • Next you will get message saying Mr.XX has been removed from your list of Intra-Bank beneficiaries or Inter-Bank Beneficiaries.

That’s it, this is how easily you can delete the unwanted beneficiaries which you don’t’ need from Online SBI Net Banking.

Thanks for reading this article, hope you found it useful, if you have any doubts or questions, you may ask us in the comments below.

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hello, While trying to delete a inter-bank beneficiary, I’m getting the message “FAILURE”. please let me know what to do about it.