How to know your SBI Transaction Limits and Charges

Knowing SBI Transaction Limits and Charges

This article guides you, How to know your SBI Transaction Limits and Charges that you do with internet banking facility using Online SBI Website.

Looking to transfer a huge amount of funds? But not sure about the maximum limit that you can transfer. Just log in to and know the maximum limit for fund transfer. Also, you can know the charges applicable for the same. With OnlineSBI, you can transfer funds through Immediate Payment service (IMPS), Inter Bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS) etc. and you can book a train ticket from IRCTC.

Likewise, you can carry out various transactions using our Net Banking service. All the transactions have certain limits and reasonable charges. Please watch this video to know the transaction limits and charges for all the transactions carried out through OnlineSBI.


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  • Login to Online SBI Website.
  • Click on Enquiries Tab.
  • Then Select Transactions Limit/Charges.
  • A page will open showing Transactions Limit/Charges categorized with detailed information.
  • You can view the minimum to the maximum transaction limit.
  • You can view overall limit per day.
  • You can view back charges for the above.

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