How to Activate SBI Mobile Banking

This tutorial teaches you, how to Activate SBI Mobile Banking.

SBI Mobile Banking is one of the best features of SBI. It helps us to send money instantly, see the current balance, bill payments, Draft services and a lot of other things all in your mobile.

Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct a range of financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet, and using software, usually called an app, provided by the financial institution for the purpose.

This video tutorial will explain you step by step procedure to activate State Bank Mobile Banking Facility (same process for all associate banks of state bank group, i.e., – SBH, SBM, SBT, SBP,etc. ). Otherwise, you can follow the written tutorial below this video, whichever you find convenient.

To avail mobile banking facility, you need to download software for your cell phone known as — State Bank Freedom. Download the supported version of the software for your mobile phone.

This app is available for Android phone, Symbian phone as well as for simple java cell phones. The process of activation is very straightforward and easy. The complete process is automated, and it means you don’t need to visit your bank or branch to available it.

Just follow the process in the video tutorial you will be able to activate SBI mobile banking in minutes.

Without going to your branch.

Steps to activate Mobile Banking

Step 1 – Download the State Bank Freedom Software Compatible for your phone from the website of State Bank Mobile Banking section. Select your MAKE, i.e., your phone company then, choose the model of your phone and click on download. Once the application is downloaded, install it on your phone.

Step 2 – Registration procedure of SBI Mobile Banking – First, you need to use that mobile number which you had given to your bank. If you use another number for your account, it will not get activated. So it is compulsory to use the same mobile number which you had given in bank record.

Now to register you need to send an SMS from your phone MBSREG and send it to 567676, which will be charged at 3 rupees. Then you will get an SMS from SBI, which will be containing your user id and password (MPIN) for mobile banking.

Step 3 – You need to login to your SBI Freedom application using that user id and password ( MPIN ). Now the application will prompt you to change the password; you need to choose a six-digit numerical password and enter it in the desired box and the confirmation box. And click on change password. You will again be charged 3 rupees for your SMS. And if your mobile banking password will change, you will get an SMS saying that your password has been changed successfully.

Step 4 – Change the channel – That is now you are using this mobile banking facility by SMS, which will be charged on each transaction, hence to reduce the cost and make you affordable, you need to change the channel from SMS TO GPRS. Once you prompt to do this, you will be asked to enter your MPIN. It is your password which now you had created.

Note you should have active internet services on your handset to validate the settings, so it will now try to access the internet from your mobile phone. If you have a working net connection, you will be prompted to enter the MPIN again. If everything is fine, you will get an SMS on your phone saying that you had successfully activated your mobile banking, Now validation from the handset is complete, you need to so to any state bank ATM for activation of mobile banking facility.

Step 5 – Now visit State Bank ATM, whether State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore or State Bank of Patiala, etc. Insert your ATM card, enter the ATM pin, now click on mobile registration, here you will be asked to enter your mobile number, enter your mobile number there and confirm the same. Once you do this, You will get a message on your ATN and print out that you had successfully activated SBI mobile banking facility.

Step 6 — Now you can use, fund transfer any time to any bank, mobile recharge, bill payment, smart services, etc. from your handset anytime anywhere.

Step 7 — Once these services are activated you can, later on, use any number and use it via GPRS or 3g internet on your handset.

Note: Keep in mind that the date and time on your mobile should be correct. Otherwise, the SBI freedom will not work and will prompt you to synchronize.

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