How to Use SBI Quick Missed Call Banking

How to use SBI Quick Missed Call Banking also known as Missed Call Banking

This tutorial teaches you, How to use SBI Quick Missed Call Banking.

SBI Quick or SBI Missed Call Banking is a new service from State Bank of India; which involves Banking by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS, with pre-defined keywords to the pre-defined mobile number.

The features that are included in this service are:

  • Balance Enquiry

  • Mini Statement

  • Blocking of ATM Card

  • ATM Card Usage Configuration

  • Car and Home Loan Enquiry

  • PM Social Security Schemes

This service can only be activated for the mobile number that is registered for a particular account with the Bank.

If you have an Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry phone, you can download the SBI Quick app from the respective App Store. You will not need to remember the various keywords and destination mobile numbers.

Once installed, you don’t need an internet connection to use the app as the communication would happen over SMS or Missed Call.

Registration Process:

SBI Missed Call Services involves a one-time registration which can be achieved by sending an SMS !

SMS, ‘REG(space)account number’ to 09223488888
e.g. REG 12345678901

Send this SMS from the mobile number available in bank’s records for that particular account. A confirmation message will be received indicating successful or unsuccessful registration.

If successful then you can start using the services.

If unsuccessful:

1. Check the format and destination mobile number

2. Ensure that your mobile number is updated with the Bank for that account number by visiting the Home Branch.

Services Available:

Once you have registered for SBI Quick you can use these keywords for your desired information.

  1. Balance Enquiry:You can get the last ‘clear’ balance on the account.
    You may give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666
  2. Mini Statement:You can get the Mini Statement i.e. last 5 transactions on the account.
    You may give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666
  3. Blocking of ATM CardYou can also block the ATM Card linked to the registered account in case of loss/theft.
    Send an SMS ‘BLOCK(space)XXXX’ to 567676
    (XXXX represents last 4 digits of the card number).On acceptance of the request for blocking, you will get a confirmatory SMS alert that contains the ticket number, date and time of blocking.Note that ATM Card can also be blocked through the following means:

    • By calling State Bank Contact Centre.

    • By visiting any nearest State Bank Branch

    • By logging on to OnlineSBI (only for personal segment customers).

  4. ATM Card Usage ConfigurationYou can now control your ATM Card channel of usage by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number. You can choose to activate/deactivate usage at ATM, POS, E-Commerce, International and DomesticSend an SMS ‘SWON/SWOFFATM/POS/ECOM/INTL/DOM XXXX’ to 09223966666
    (XXXX represents last 4 digits of the card number).e.g. SWON POS 1234 to activate POS usage SWOFF INTL 1234 to deactivate International usage

    On acceptance of the request for activation/deactivation, you will get a confirmatory SMS alert that contains the reference number, date and time of the request.

    Note that ATM Card usage can also be controlled through the following means:
    1. Through the State Bank Anywhere mobile app.
    2. By logging on to OnlineSBI (only for personal segment customers).

  5. Loan EnquiryLatest features of Home loan and Car loan products.
    SMS ‘HOME’ or ‘CAR’ to 09223588888.You will receive an instant SMS advising the features of the service followed by a call back from the Bank.
  6. Prime Minister’s Social Security SchemesYou can now register for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) by an SMS from the SBI Quick App. As there are more than 3 data items to be provided, it is advisable that this service is availed through the App only.Note that Prime Minister’s Social Security Schemes can also be availed of by visiting your nearest SBI Branch.
  7. For the full list of services SMS ‘HELP’ to 09223588888

De-Registration Process:

You can de-register from SBI Quick through the following process:
SMS ‘DREG(space)AccountNumber’ to 09223488888

You will receive a confirmation message indicating successful/unsuccessful de-registration.

If successful then you will not be able to use the services till you register again.

If unsuccessful check the format and destination mobile number and try again.


For 6 digit number i.e. 567676 premium charges will apply.
For 10 digit numbers, SMS charges will be as per customer’s mobile bill plan.
For Missed Call, there is no charge. If the customers listen to IVR of 3 seconds which will be played after 4-5 rings, then the customer will be charged as per customer’s mobile bill plan for 3 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)


  • What If you have two account numbers with the Bank with the same mobile number mentioned on both?You can register for SBI Quick for only one account at any point of time. If you want to change the mapped account number, you have to de-register SBI Quick from the first account and then register for the second one.
  • Is it mandatory that the mobile number to be used for SBI Quick has to be registered with the Bank for that particular account?Yes. If not done, visit your Home Branch and update your mobile number for that account.
  • Is it available for all types of Accounts?SBI Quick is available for SB/CA/OD/CC accounts.
  • How is this facility different from State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom ?There are 2 distinct differences:1. You don’t need a Login ID, Password to use this facility. Just one-time registration from the mobile number recorded with Bank for that particular Account.
    2. SBI Quick does not provide any financial transactional services. Unlike State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom, there are no transaction services available.
  • Is there any limit on the number of enquiries that can be made in a day/month?As of now, there is no such restriction. Unlimited.

Thanks for reading this article, hope you found it useful, if you have any doubts or questions, you may ask us in the comments below.

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S S P Ravikanth
S S P Ravikanth

Sir I could not able to change my registered mobile no with SBI rewardz, though my current mobile no is activated in everywhere as per bank records. But when i tried to redeem my points in sbi rewardz the otp is being sent to previous no, which is not in use and not with me also. Pls do the needful.